Pack With Purpose

If you have some extra space in your luggage and would like to assist local organisations in Maun, please see the packing list suggestions below. Our guests are invited to bring similar items with them to donate. The Maun Studios will deliver your donations.

Mummy’s Angels is a project based in Maun to support less-fortunate mothers and their newborns who do not have financial or family support. Mummy’s Angels was started in April 2018 voluntarily by three ladies who have lived in Maun for some years and are familiar with the plight that these ladies face. Mummy’s Angels started out by donating their children’s pre-loved clothes and baby essentials to these ladies in need. Our guests are invited to bring similar items with them to donate.

Our request list is:

Gently used baby clothing

Baby toiletries: baby soap, aqueous cream and wet wipes.

Disposable nappies

Sanitary pads

Warm baby blankets

Receiving blankets

PJs or gowns for the mothers- medium and large are always safe sizes.

WoMen Against Rape is a human rights organization that primarily supports women and children who experience abuse of all forms. WAR was founded in 1993 in Maun, Northwest District, by four women who came together as a result of their concern following the lack of support as well as access to justice for rape victims. The organization was founded on the ethos of activism and volunteerism hence it is non-profit. WAR was formally registered as a trust in 1995. WAR's strategies are geared at addressing the social issues that contribute to the abuse of women and children through offering psychosocial counseling, safe house/ Shelter, public education, advocacy, and lobbying as well as skills empowerment.

Our request list for Comfort Packs (issued on arrival at the Shelter):

Pajamas: small/medium/large

Face cloth

Panties (small, med or large – no g-strings and no writing)

Sanitary towels

Soap (preferably bars)



Deodorant (spray) for women

Comb or brush

Body lotion

Lip balm or small Vaseline


Alternatively, cash/card donations can be made to The Studios to purchase groceries for the shelter. The shelter needs a weekly supply of 3kg of beef, 2kg of chicken, 1 bag of oranges or 3kg apples and a variety of vegetables.

Shelter Botswana is a home-based care organization & non-profit governmental organization that, from its inception in 2011, has sought to facilitate an improved livelihood for poor individuals residing in the North West Sub district of Botswana.

The organization involves itself with several community-based activities including, but not excluding to HIV/TB awareness campaigns and the running of a pre-school designed for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

The pre-school has 35 children from the ages of 2 - 6 years.


These are the challenges facing the centre:


Two Teachers' monthly salaries

Food - the shelter feeds the children 3 times a day

Floor Carpets for two classrooms and sickbay as well as foam mats

Pens for staff (blue, black, and red)

Markers (different colours red, black, blue, green)

Manila papers (different colours yellow, blue, and white)

Exercise books hardcover, 196 pages)

Kids Clothing: Age 2-7years - Winter & Summer

Educational Activities/Colouring Books

Arts & Crafts supplies - crayons/paints

Toys for playtime

First Aid Box Medication & children's toiletries

Fundraising for ablutions & general repairs - further info available on request


Cash donations can be made to The Studios to purchase groceries for the shelter or to contribute to teacher salaries. The Studios is assisting with fundraising towards new ablutions at the shelter as well as general repairs - please get in touch if you would like to contribute towards these efforts.